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John Cowan |
Trying to get better and brighter lights on my cruiser, been looking at : Phiips X-Treme Power H7 471 and H4 472 any reason not to buy them????
15 January 2010 - Gosport, Ham,pshire

Steve |
Great service and fantastic products. Many thanks to all at PT Company for your fast delivery through our snowy days!!!
13 January 2010 - Bristol UK

Excellent service and very fast delivery
13 January 2010 - Finland

Mags A. |
Great service received my aerial (flames) just before new year but waiting for snow to clear & I can clean my car then I can put it on lol. Wishing everyone a very happy 2010
5 January 2010 - Scotland u.k

Colin G |
Once again excellent service,thanks and a Happy New Year
31 December 2009 - Leicester

Steve Bilsby |
Just a message to say thank you very much for the service and presents i received for my car! I have been pleased with the standard of service so i will be continuing shopping on this lovely website! Thanks, Steve
30 December 2009 - Southampton

Terry Burke |
See my cruiser for sale on E.Bay,anyone interested in giveing it a nice home.ITEM NUMBER 130355381004
29 December 2009 - Workington ,Cumbria.

29 December 2009 - UK--

John Maloney |
One of the the folding wing mirrors on my PT has taken to to 'rocking' backwards and forwards after I have set them to fold - this sometimes goes on for many minutes. Can you advise about re-setting/adjusting it?
11 December 2009 - London, UK

Mr. Tee |
Great service and follow up. I will definitely buy my goods from this store again! Thanks a lot and merry christmas PT Company
10 December 2009 - Norway

Vincester |
great service on parts ordered. thanks
5 December 2009 - UK

Ray Mifsud |
My PT Cruiser will not start, although the battery is turning the engine and self starter works but seems fuel is not coming. this happened after I had parked the car for 45 min. can you please help? thanks
2 December 2009 - MT

Ray Prichard |
See my question from earlier in Nov (two comments below) - problem resolved ! Nothing wrong with the control arm/wishbone bushes, nothing wrong with the fitting. I followed the wise advice of this website; that while doing the control arm/wishbone bushes it's sensible to change the anti-roll bar bushes (that job is doddle). What I had done wrongly was to refit the anti-roll bar upside down ! (or nearside to offside whichever way you look at it). No qualms about the excellent service and advice from PT company.
28 November 2009 - Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England

Chris |
Nice one! I have just placed my second order after being very happy with the delivery of my first. Smooth and simple ordering process, fast delivery and very professional packaging. All was sweet! Make no mistake, you guys will be my designated supplier . Keep up the good service and we'll keep on ordering stuff.! All is sweet! Thanks
26 November 2009 - Greece

Ray Prichard |
I ordered polybushes for the front control arm & anti-roll bar - I was delighted at the speed of delivery. My car has only done 43,000 miles and only an MoT advice mentioned that the original rubber bushes were cracking - otherwise no noise, no problems. When I took them out there was notihing wrong with them (not cracked nor perished). Since fitting the polybushes the car groans and creaks when moving off/or moving along slowly then it's as if somebody hits the middle of the car floor from underneath, with a 40lb sledgehammer, when I go round a corner or over a bump - the car is now almost undriveable so I'm driving my Triumph Vitesse instead. I'm certain I fitted the bushes correctly and got a mechanic friend to do and check the job with me, in his workshop. Any suggestions ?
13 November 2009 - Sutton Coldfield, England

Webmaster comments   It is very important to use the silicon grease when assembling, but to cause a loud knocking noise after fitting the poly bushes does sound like you may have pressed out the inner metal shell lining from the rear vertical bush rather than just cutting out the rubber from the wishbone.

David kingham |
An absolute excellent service, parts ordered and parts fitted as easy as that!!!!!
5 November 2009 - Bedfordshire

brian aylott |
Airbag warning light keeps comming on , any idea's how to stop it
3 November 2009

Kerris Farr |
When trying to lock the doors using the remote fob, the alarm goes off. Not always just sometimes. Can anyone suggest a reason or remedy?
1 November 2009 - Stoke on Trent England

Vicki L. Shacklock |
I now have my second PT Cruiser. I love it very much. It is my favorite car of the all the different cars I have owned. I have even gone on a PT Cruiser run before. The clubs are great.
25 October 2009 - Texas, United States

john mcafee |
hi, where can i find the paint colour of my 2002 pt cruiser as i need to repair a scratch on it, thanks, John.
25 October 2009 - anywhere

Webmaster comments   If you click the photo of the touch-up paints on our website here it will show you how to find your paint code.

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