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27 April 2010 - WARWICK UK

Lars Isaksen |
I found this shop on the web, but I still need informations about how to replace bulbs in the instrument panel. Here in Norway it seems to be only a few who knows, and they do´nt sell PT s here anymore.
26 April 2010 - Arendal, Norway

Nan Tromp |
Hallo, Ik heb een set Hyperflex rubbers besteld en een week later alles ontvangen. Had eerst in Nederland gekeken voor een verkoop punt maar dat is met PT Company niet meer nodig. Prima service en nette afhandeling. Super
23 April 2010 - Nederland Dutch

Jon Childs
Outstanding next day service - "above and beyond" - just when we needed it! Our highest recommendations to all!
20 April 2010 - Derby, UK

clive cooper |
a class car needs a class seller of spares and goodies to add to your cruiser -pete from pt company is this man - very helpful and on the same wave length as his customers.
20 April 2010 - leeds

Lee Chittenden |
Getting poor fuel econom y. Had service. Still same. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? HELP
19 April 2010 - UK

lacroix thierry |
bonjour, beaucoup de personnes devrai prendre exemple sur vous.! envoi toujours rapide et soigné. rien a dire . excelent merci et a bientôt.
14 April 2010 - france

laney |
thinking serously of getting my first PT Cruiser. are there any things i should look out for when purchasing a used one. any problems to check for and anything in the engine department to check for damaged things. dont want to get ripped off. i really love the look of them. thanks to anyone who can help.
12 April 2010 - west midlands uk

lacroix thierry |
envoi rapide emballage soigné a recommander grand merci
6 April 2010 - france

hi, would just to thank you on your quick and excellent service, will defenitly be using you again.
3 April 2010 - scotland

D. Cowell |
Just fitted the second batch of parts, quick excellent service , the polyurethane suspension bushings make such a difference! back of the car next and then I shall start on the outside appearance
1 April 2010 - UK

Lesley |
Hi to everyone I have recently purchased my PT Cruiser, its my first one and I love it!!!! It has a nearly full chrome kit on which I am slowly adding to what i would like is some full graphics adding to its sides to enhance the chrome I am struggling to find a good website, some of the photos on the owners site are a amazing and I want to know where to get the customizing from
1 April 2010 - Hull UK

Livraison ultra rapide de mon roulement ! commande du mercredi reçue samedi ! ! ! thanks
30 March 2010 - France ( near Lyon )

Matt |
Outstanding service! Orders received usually within 24 hours. Very polite people to deal with.
29 March 2010 - UK

Graeme Healey |
has anyone fitted a rear step pad to a 2006 model. I havnt fitted it as yet, but have found the pad doesnt fit exactly up to the boot lid, it leaves a gap of about 10mm,between the step pad and the bottom of the boot lid, ady advice please would be appreciated
28 March 2010 - United Kingdom

tony |
very good service got next day delivery on my items
26 March 2010 - nottm england

David |
Ordered some anti roll bar links. They were delivered to my door in less than 24 hrs. Great service, Thanks
24 March 2010 - edinburgh

Garry |
I have recently had to replace my windscreen and have since been driven to despair by its continual creaking. The job was done by a leading firm in this field, who advised that this is common with PT Cruisers. I find this hard to believe and wonder if anyone else has had this experience and is there a cure ??????????. Many thanks to whoever can help
21 March 2010 - England

john mcafee |
hi. ive just bought a 2006 automatic pt cruiser, the owners handbook that came with it was the wrong one, does anyone know where i can get one from quickly, i cant seem to find one on the internet,
20 March 2010 - anywhere in english.

Webmaster comments   You should be able to download a free handbook for your PT here:

Jules |
Once again, excellent service! Parts sent monday, received tuesday morning, fitted on car wednesday! Love it. Thanks also for emailing me the answer for locking my car without setting off the rock Pete :-)
17 March 2010 - Oxfordshire

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