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catel laurent |
commander le 21 recu le 25 avec en plus un petit mot en francais vraiment un super site pour PT
25 September 2008 - France

george briggs |
great website at last good quality stuff
24 September 2008 - northern ireland

Timing belt should be replaced at 90000 miles depending on your engine. Or 84 months.Check your owners manual if you have one. Also replace the tensioner. A lot of owners also replace the water pump at the same time. Unfortunately replacing the timing belt is quite labour intensive and will cost you. So find a garage you trust.
24 September 2008

Marion |
Could anyone tell me when should the timing belt on my PT Cruiser 2L touring 2002 be changed? The mileage is 62000 at the moment. Thanks
23 September 2008 - Bonnybridge, Scotland

Tape marks on bumper. Sorry the only real fix is to have your bumpers colour coded.Used to be done under warranty.Have you tired Autoglyms bumper care.Best i have ever used. Locking wheel nuts. There is a kit you can get that will remove the majority of wheel nuts. Do a google search for it.Surprised your tyre place didnt have them. Try a different tyre depot. Or are you a memeber of AA RAC. Give then a call.
21 September 2008 - Falkirk

Tracy G aka BettyBoop63 |
Excellent products, service, customer care etc. Recommend dealing with.
15 September 2008 - Scotland

Paul Shaw |
Hi I'm looking for a rear seat headrest (passenger side) for my 2005 Touring CRD PT Cruiser. (original was stolen from my car when I was having new tyres fitted). Have searched all over the world. Happy to buy a part from a breaker's yard, but no response. Anybody got any suggestions? Many thanks
14 September 2008 - Northern Ireland

Miss Cherry Reds Cherry Red s
Hi just trying to replace front two tyres for the first time. Bought my cruiser second hand last year. ATS cant get nuts off (!!!!) because they dont have the three pin "bit" required. Whoever sold it to me never left the part in the car - bless em. I have been told by Chrysler main dealer that they could only grind them off at a cost of 120 as there are 40 different variations of the required three pin parts !!!! I am not at all mechanical as you can no doubt tell !! Any suggestions or do I have to fork out to have them ground off and new one put on !!
13 September 2008 - PORTSMOUTH

Chico |
Two things. 1. Great looking products and wonderful pics. 2. Your website puts about 90% of the internet to shame. I would hire your webmaster in a nanosecond to design mine. Chico
9 September 2008 - Noth America

William |
Glen b many thanks for the advice on chrome wheels been a bit occupied recently had new baby son but back to the important things like me Cruiser!!! (joking) I know someone has asked how to remove tape stain from bumper but if anyone knows it would be helpful
8 September 2008 - Reading Berkshire

Tomcruiser |
Many thanks 4 suspen tion bush set,Mega fast delivery.will buy again.Tom
5 September 2008 - Birmingham west midlands

Great service, very fast shipping and quite fast delivery(according to Italian postal services ) If I need something more for my pt, now I know where to purchase. ) )
3 September 2008 - Padova. Italy

Terry Burke |
Any one tell me why my lights do not come on when the doors open?
2 September 2008 - CUMBRIA UK

Ruth |
I just received a delivery of touch up paint for my PT cruiser. Great delivery service, only sad thing is that I have to sell my PT cruiser very soon. It was my dream car and was bursting with pride when I bought it and still do.but things change, life moves on and we have to sacrifice things from time to time and boy what a sacrifice! Guaranteed the next time I get the opportunity to buy another car it will deffinately be a PT Cruiser .so if you know anyone who wants to buy my purple PT ?.email me
1 September 2008 - Dreary Derbyshire

Lisa |
I have finally got my dream car, a purple PT cruiser! Im so excited, been looking at the site and want to spend a fortune!
31 August 2008 - Portsmouth UK

dave |
yeah thanks for the brilliant service
23 August 2008 - hove sussex

izabel |
just purchased inca gold dream pt cruiser whooo. has anyone any idea if there is a 'good looking' dog net or dog guard for cruisers? have searched the net in vain. in desperation, may adapt the cargo net to fit
20 August 2008 - London

Jeff Simmons |
does anyone know if the vanity light and mirror fittings are removable from the sun visor, please and if so do they just prise out.?
11 August 2008 - East Sussex

New pt cruiser forum you are welcome to join :
7 August 2008

richard and myrtle |
hy can any one help me, how do u remove masking tape marks from rear grey bumper ?
7 August 2008 - northumberland

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