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mike sallis
Thanks for your prompt service parts look great on car. Does any one know if there is a cruiser club near wolverhampton
2 April 2014 - Womboubrne

Mick Fensome
Your service is amazing, ordered a multifunction switch, it arrived in less than 48hrs, now fitted and working fine.
2 April 2014 - Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Sandi Haythornthwaite
Hello! I hope someone can help. My beautiful 2007 Limited Edition has lost what appears to be a cover from one of her wheels. The part covers the whole of the alloy and gives it an aluminium like appearance. Where can I get a replacement? I'm so sad ;0(
24 March 2014 - Lancs

Webmaster comments   Hi,

Sorry to hear about your wheel. The covers were originally glued on with strong adhesive and were not supposed to ever come off, but unfortunately they do sometimes. The covers are only sold with the wheels which are expensive 250-300 each. I would look first on ebay for PT Cruiser wheels or PT Cruiser breaking and see if there are any good used ones on sale.


The PT Company

Robin Day
HI, I have a PT Crusier, X reg. 2litre. I have recently replaced the water pump and the timing belt, I have set the cam and crank shaft timing marks spot on, I turn the engine over several times and re-check the timing marks which are still spot on, the engine runs well and is responsive on the throttle but the engine management light comes on. I have re-checked the timing marks again and they are still spot on. Do you have any idea why this happens or can you give me any infomation or help with this matter? Thank you
24 March 2014 - Worcestershire, UK

Webmaster comments   Hi ,

You will need to check for a fault code. The code can be found by doing a self-check test, which works on most PT Cruisers. Do not start the engine but turn the Ignition On Off On Off On - within 5 seconds. The mileometer will now show the results. If there is a fault, a code known as a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) consisting of a P followed by four figures will be shown. If there is no stored fault code, the dashboard display will show either done or P1684. The problem indicated by the code can be easily found on the internet under Chrysler Fault Codes. If the self-test does not work, a diagnostic fault code reader would be needed to find the problem.


The PT Company

Just purchased my first Cabrio PT Cruiser and wanted to bling her up. Very friendly and helpful advice.
24 February 2014 - Bedfont, Middlesex

nick from dorset
Excellent service,prompt delivery and great value. Would recommend you to anyone
23 February 2014 - united kingdom

Terry |
I have a Pacific Coast Highway PT finished in the blue of the Ocean, so needed a parts operation that fitted my car's character. Found one! .sunny dispositions, no drama.just the sound of the waves!.sorry this car does odd things to me, but I guess you PT owners know all about that! Thanks PT Company see you in Carmel.
16 February 2014 - West Sussex

Perfect transaction, very good parts Thank you PT Company
5 February 2014 - FRANCE

Just received sun visor for our route 66 yellow cruiser. Very quick delivery. Thankyou.
31 January 2014 - Gedling nottingham england.

Manudaft |
key ring delivered in a couple of days!! Great service, thanks guys!!
28 January 2014 - Scotland

Bill Veloz
My daughter bought a Cruiser in November. We bought some bits for her at Christmas, and some new wheel nuts this last week. All delivered within forty eight hours. Excellent service and nice to chat to as well.
25 January 2014 - Newbury, Berks

Tommy Bulling Ericsson
Thank you guys for the exelent service, the best ever!!
24 January 2014 - Sweden

Wonderful site, and hopefully, I will get my parts fast. In the southwestcoast of Norway parts for PT Cruiser are hardly accessible at all. I own the only PT Cruiser Cabrio 2.4 TURBO in the land. Is there a company that delivers chip tuning for this model (2005) ??? Appreciate a link folks !
22 January 2014 - Norway

livraison trs rapide bravo a ptcompany pour leur serieux
7 January 2014 - 80210 somme france

mr s knight |
just fitted the chrome lower grill to my 06 ptcruiser looking fab and thank you for the quick service
27 December 2013 - gb

Dave G
I was expecting to have to replace the front hub when I found out the previous owner of my latest PT had put the wheel on with a knife and fork, but thanks to another club member telling me studs are available from the PT Company I ordered tues and received thurs. A BIG THANKS GUYS
14 December 2013 - East Devon UK

Mike from Sweden!
Fast delivery and good service!
12 December 2013 - Sweden!

Thank you to the PT Company for the support and help when I was in Scotland: I needed some Spare parts and they delivered the required within two days! I had my beloved PT up and running again, with minor problems and no hassles. Thanks a lot indeed!
30 November 2013 - Farnborough

Sharon & Lewis
Guys it's great to have a team like you behind us with our first cruiser we will continue to use you as our support team.
26 November 2013 - Dumfries Scotland

Hi, I've bought my first Cruiser (wanted one for years). some idiot has run a supermarket trolley onto the wheel arch . I'm in need of a touch up paint. But I need to order the correct colour. Mine is the same colour as the one in your photo show on your home page. the red one ,photographed on a beach. Can anyone tell me the name of the colour. I,ve looked on an American site and I think my choice is between FLAME RED or INFERNO RED ??/ ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED.
22 November 2013 - England, UK

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